Horizon Forbidden West Discover What’s New in the Update

Horizon Forbidden West a little over a week after the first patch, Guerrilla Games released a new improvement pack that. Fixes several bugs that were reported by users Horizon Forbidden West released a new update that improves the overall image. Quality and adds new options and details to Mode. Photo. The new patch comes just a week after the first fix pack.

The first update had been announced on March 2 by Guerrilla Games, the developer of the title. At the time, version 1.06 had various fixes for bugs and errors that users had reported in missions that could significantly affect game progress.

Performance Mode

Although some graphical aspects had also been modified, there were still several imperfections. For this reason and due to the claim of some players, the developers made a new patch available in the last few hours. In a Reddit post, the company detailed one by one the modifications that version 1.07 brings.

The news focuses mainly on the adjustments to the vegetation of the environments that mainly influence the image quality of the PlayStation 5 Performance Mode. Despite these modifications, those responsible for the game also recognized that they will continue to put the magnifying glass on the problems. with saturation, sharpness and brightness.

Horizon Forbidden West

Photo Mode

In addition to this, enhancements are also available in Photo Mode. From now on, there will be more focal lengths when it comes to the range between 10mm and 300mm, within the full frame 35mm. On the other hand, changes are added to the Precision Mode and adjustments to the minimum focus distance.

Horizon Forbidden Fixing Crashes

Along with the above, user experience and performance tweaks were also announced, fixing crashes and loading screen issues to continue. Reporting the inconvenience of any aspect that they find in the delivery. To do this. They put at your disposal a link that contains a form with all the necessary information to request a correction.

For this reason, and despite the fact that two updates have already been released in just over a week, it would not be surprising if a new patch would come out in the short term that would correct new errors in the new update.

Reported Bugs

Despite the bugs reported by some users in these first few weeks since its release, the PlayStation exclusive received generally good reviews. In a test of the title starring, a renewed story is observed where a plague will threaten to destroy humanity. To avoid this, Aloy must travel to the west coast of the United States, specifically to the ruins of a company where he will discover a dark reality through holograms.

The Analysis Horizon Forbidden

The analysis also highlights that it is not necessary to have played the first installment, Horizon Zero Dawn, to understand. The story However, with this background, it will be possible to appreciate in a much more complete way. The return of some characters that were already present and the path that the protagonist of the game. Had to travel to reach the place of heroin in this new installation.