Gran Turismo 7 Delivered Another Update: Bug Fixes and Streaming Mode Change

Gran Turismo 7 two weeks after its release, the racing simulator has shared its new update. with a change of transmission mode that will be very useful for users, the Gran Turismo 7 video game has released a new update that fixes a series errors reported in different modes. In addition to issues with various settings and values, a cool feature has been added to streaming mode that will save users who share their live gaming experiences a lot of hassle.

Online mode

The new simulator title came amid a lot of expectation and excitement from fans. After a delivery that made a good online mode, but neglected the classic modes a bit (we tell you about it in this review), players were excited by the promise that this was going to change. as with all current releases, there is a lot of content and there are always bugs. Luckily, the engineers have the chance of adjusting them on account of the updates that they make accessible to the clients.

Gran Turismo Version 1.07

In the past few hours, Gran Turismo 7 released version 1.07 which comes with various changes as reported by Wccftech. As for the cars themselves, several tuning and rules issues have been fixed. Moreover, an unmistakable blunder that happened with the Ford GT ’18 has been fixed and a detail of the material science reproduction has been corrected.

On the other hand, there have been changes in the missions. Previously, issues with wind settings were reported in some cases and with assist settings. Something similar happened with GT Auto designs, an issue that has also been fixed.

Gran Turismo 7

Solved the problems

In addition, the compensations of the different occasions of the world circuits have been modified and the problems in the entrance and garage modes have been solved. Beyond everything discussed, the most important novelty is undoubtedly the change in the transmission mode.

When creating a stream, the game will allow you to do so without the songs already included in the title. This measure aims to prevent users from suffering the consequences of copyright sanctions applied by the platforms. Of course, this setting is not mandatory and can be configured in the volume settings, within the same options menu.

Polyphony Digital

The game Polyphony Digital and Sony had already released another patch a week ago. The highlight of version 1.06 was the addition of 64 new music tracks to the Music Replay section. In addition to this, there were other major fixes as well.

Update of Gran Turismo

Streaming mode on PlayStation 4 was displaying an error when trying to use certain features and there was a rare. Issue that was wiping player progress and not allowing players to continue their game on the other hand, the previous. Update of Gran Turismo 7 Made many adjustments to the world circuits, both in the choice of cars and in. The difficulty of obtaining certain prizes and distinctions.

Finally, there has been a major change to the racing interface. Since the release of version 1.06, players have indicators on the speed and direction of the wind. These can be seen at the top right of the screen.