GTA V has Launched its Version for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series

GTA V over the past few hours, the Rockstar game has gone on sale for next-gen consoles, and several users have shared videos comparing performance across the three available modes.

This Tuesday GTA V launched its version for the new generation of consoles and a series of videos have already. Been shared that show the performance in the different modes. Months after the 9th anniversary of the last title in the Rockstar Games. Saga, it is still valid among users and has gone on sale on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S In. This unique circumstance, fans have begun to proactively test the nature of the images and the ideality that the age hole brings.

Three Graphics Modes

In this case, a video by YouTube user RelaxedLeo shows 17-minute gameplay shot on Xbox Series X. Recording goes through the three graphics modes that can be chosen in-game: fidelity, performance, and ray-tracing performance. . Until minute 2:56 p.m. the images correspond to the first, while later until 3:38 p.m. they are of the second. The remaining time is for performance ray tracing mode.

GTA V Image Quality

In the case of fidelity mode, it runs at 4K resolution and 30 FPS with ray-tracing. For its part, the performance mode reaches 60 FPS with 4K resized and the Ray Tracing. Performance mode reaches 60 FPS in 4K resized, with the added possibility of having the tool to make. The behavior of light more fluid.
It is important to note that in the case of the Xbox Series S. There are some changes in each of the modes. Although FPS will not be affected. There will be a drop in image quality: fidelity will only reach improved 4K, performance will remain at 1080p and ray tracing will not be available in this version from the Microsoft console.


New Version of GTA V

In addition to that, there are other improvements that are added to this new version of GTA V. As well as more characters and more traffic as you move around town, there are improvements to shadows, surfaces, water reflections, and other niceties. . In addition to the PS5, cooperation with the capabilities provided by DualSense is also added. Finally, the loading times are shorter than in the already known versions of the video game.

Rockstar’s New Version

Rockstar’s new version of the episode comes amid rumors about what’s next in the saga. Although it is already known that they have been working for a long time, information has appeared about the cities and hours of play that the new episode will have.

GTA VI Would Have a Map

The information was released by analyst Michael Pachter. For what he specified, GTA VI would have a map of unthinkable dimensions until now. Players could not only move around Liberty City, Vice City, and Los Santos, but also cities located in the UK and other European cities. Continent crossings wouldn’t just be an exploration option, as there would be quests that involved moving between continents and doing jobs in the different towns.